A time Odyssey

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  • Unique gameplay mixing puzzle and adventure!
  • Rich content with more than 100 custom levels!
  • Deep polished ambiance with sublime details!
  • A great story with true references to ants
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«ANTYZ - A Time Odyssey» is a free adventure puzzle game. Help the ants survive a sudden glacial era. You will travel back through the ages of time, charting a path towards the center of the earth. You will control the scouting ant who must dig the path and overcome the dangers threatening the ants nest. You will travel through various eras and more than 100 magnificent levels to discover the story of ANTYZ.

«Antyz looks like a digger game taken to the next level, as not only are you digging and discovering interesting items and places but there's also puzzles to solve along the way.»


«Fun and fast, Antyz stands out for its slightly unusual premise. We loved this game’s plot, which we won’t spoil.»


«Supported by an amusing and speedy gameplay, the message conveyed by the plot and the screenplay of ANTYZ is noteworthy.»

Pro Helvetia

«Antyz is a puzzler that leaves no space for boredom and keeps the balance between joy and challenge.»


«If you’re a fan of puzzle action games such as Lemmings or The Incredible Machine, and you’re looking for a game to occupy your daily bus commute, I highly recommend giving Antyz a shot.»


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